SEAI Better Energy Homes scheme Grants revised

The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE), Denis Naughten has announced a shift in the Government funded energy efficiency schemes, representing a major step in the transition towards decarbonising our heating and the Energy White Paper’s vision of a low carbon energy future.

The Minister announced that the funding available for external wall insulation will be significantly increased, with grant levels ranging from €2,750 to €6,000 in a bid to encourage even more homeowners to invest in the energy efficiency of their homes. He reiterated that the most cost effective way for most householders to reduce ongoing energy bills is by investing in upgrades such as roof and wall insulation, draught proofing, and heating controls.

The existing grant for heating controls will be increased to €700, regardless of the home’s heating system. Heating controls are a great way to control a household’s energy usage and improve comfort.

The Minister said that “It is time to start the transition away from using fossil fuels to heat our homes Heating controls are a great way to control a household’s energy usage, particularly when combined with deeper measures like external wall insulation. By increasing the funding available I hope that even more people will be encouraged to invest in the energy efficiency of their homes.”

The Minister also announced that for people who wish to move away from using fossil fuels to heat their home that a new grant for heat pumps will be added to the existing range of supports from April 2018.

Heat pumps are electrical appliances that can transfer heat from the outside into a building to heat it. With an appropriately installed heat pump installed, a properly insulated home will generally not need a backup boiler. Heat pumps keep buildings heated a constant temperature which not only adds to the feeling of comfort in a home but also improves indoor air quality and makes for a healthier living environment.

All of these grant schemes are funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment (DCCAE) and operated by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

The revised grants amounts are available from 15th January 2018, see energy-homes or contact SEAI Better Energy Homes on 1850 927 000.